The Best Dog Crate Bed: Our Top 7 Picks

Dog crates are essential equipment for pet owners and are very helpful while traveling and when training. Kong dog bed for crate also gives your dog a cozy, safe spot to unwind and spend some alone time. A dog crate kennel liner for a truck bed is not necessarily comfy bedding for your dog.

They may be a big help when there isn’t anyone around to watch them, and they keep dogs safe. Contrary to common misconception, they are not harsh or a “prison cell” for your dog. They are also necessary for transportation and medical appointments. Contrary to popular belief, crates are precisely the contrary, and most dogs come to adore their cozy, secure crate.

Ultra Plush Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad by K&H Pet Products

Ultra Plush Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad by K&H Pet Products

Some dogs enjoy curling up against the bed’s side. Use a conventional dog cage liner bed that matches your crate liner as your best option for these pets. However, this is yet another option. It includes four flaps against the crate’s sides to create a bed with rounded edges.

Despite only being available in four sizes, the design allows it to fit containers of various sizes. you’ll receive varying degrees of side cushioning. It should note that it doesn’t offer much bottom cushioning and doesn’t come in huge sizes.


– The Ultra Plush Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad comes in four sizes: small (14 x 22 inches), medium (21 x 31 inches), large (25 x 37 inches), and extra large (32 x 48 inches). You can choose the size that best fits your crate and your pet’s needs.

– The crate pad has a microfleece top that is soft and cozy, and a polyfill stuffing that provides cushioning and warmth. The crate pad also has a bolster around the edges that gives your pet a sense of security and comfort.

– The crate pad has a non-slip bottom that prevents it from sliding or shifting inside the crate. This helps to keep your pet safe and stable while traveling or resting.

– The crate pad is machine washable and easy to clean. You can simply toss it in the washer and dryer as needed.


– The Ultra Plush Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad is very comfortable and cozy for your pet. It provides a soft and warm surface for your pet to rest on, and a bolster to snuggle against.

– The crate pad is durable and well-made. It can withstand frequent washing and drying, and it does not lose its shape or fluffiness over time.

– The crate pad is versatile and can be used in various settings. You can use it inside the crate, on the floor, on the couch, or in the car. It can also be used as a standalone bed for your pet.


– The Ultra Plush Deluxe Bolster Crate Pad may not be suitable for pets who like to chew or dig. The microfleece material may not be able to withstand heavy chewing or digging, and it may get torn or damaged.

– The crate pad may not fit all crates or carriers perfectly. Depending on the size and shape of your crate or carrier, you may have some gaps or overlaps between the crate pad and the crate walls. This may affect the comfort and security of your pet.

Self-Heating Crate Pad by K&H

self-Heating Crate Pad by K&H

You can try the K&H self-heating crate pad if you don’t want to use a separate heating pad or run the risk of having a chewer around electrical equipment. Heated beds that precisely fit a variety of dog crate beds are difficult to find. It is said to reflect the animal’s body heat to it.

While many reviewers indicate, it’s warmer than a typical bed, some dispute the self-heating claim. A slightly too-small crate may accommodate the pad, thanks to the slit coverings.


The Self-Heating Crate Pad by K&H has the following features:

– Made of soft microfleece that is machine washable and durable

– Contains a layer of metalized insulation that radiates warmth

– Fits most standard crates and can be used on any flat surface

– Available in four sizes and two colors (gray and mocha)

– No electricity or batteries required


The Self-Heating Crate Pad by K&H has many benefits, such as:

– Providing warmth and comfort for your dog without using any external power source

– Being easy to clean and maintain

– Being lightweight and portable

– Being affordable and good value for money

– Being suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds


The Self-Heating Crate Pad by K&H also has some drawbacks, such as:

– Not being very thick or cushioned, so it might not be enough for dogs with joint problems or sensitive skin

– Not having any straps or ties to secure it to the crate, so it might slide or bunch up

– Not being waterproof or stain-resistant, so it might get wet or dirty easily

– Not being adjustable or customizable, so it might not fit perfectly in some crates or spaces

Chew-Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad by K9 Ballistics

Chew-Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad by K9 Ballistics

Some dogs view stuffed, fabric-covered beds as just another toy to dissect. Some designs find a different approach to circumvent the issue. However, some are tougher than others. This one features a metal rim and a distinctive style.

The dog can’t gnaw on the cloth since it can’t reach the edges. Of course, scratching the pad is still doable if you have a digger.


The Chew-Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad has several features that make it stand out from other crate pads. Here are some of them:

– It is made of ballistic nylon, a material that is resistant to tearing, abrasion, and water.

– It has a ripstop pattern that prevents small holes from becoming larger.

– It has reinforced seams and corners that are double-stitched and bar-tacked.

– It has a non-slip bottom that prevents it from sliding around in the crate.

– It has a zipper closure that is hidden under a flap of fabric to prevent chewing.

– It comes in various sizes and colors to fit different crates and preferences.


After using the Chew-Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad for a few weeks, I can say that I am very impressed by its quality and durability. Here are some of the benefits I noticed:

– It is indeed chew-proof. My dog tried to bite and scratch it several times, but he could not make any dent or damage on it. He eventually gave up and settled down on it.

– It is easy to clean. The ballistic nylon is stain-resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or machine-washed if needed.

– It is comfortable. The pad is thick and padded, providing enough cushioning and support for my dog. He seems to enjoy lying on it and often falls asleep on it.

– It is stylish. The pad looks sleek and modern, and the color matches my crate and decor.


The Chew-Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad is not perfect, however. There are some drawbacks that I noticed:

– It is expensive. The pad costs $89.95 for the small size, which is quite pricey compared to other crate pads. However, I think it is worth the investment considering how long-lasting and durable it is.

– It is heavy. The pad weighs about 4 pounds for the small size, which makes it difficult to move around or store. It also adds some bulk to the crate, which may reduce the airflow and ventilation inside.

– It is noisy. The ballistic nylon makes a crinkling sound when my dog moves on it, which can be annoying at night or when I am trying to work.

Bed with Molly Mutt Wool Filling

Bed with Molly Mutt Wool Filling

Visit Molly Mutt if you want a chic appearance made of natural materials. Their crate lining pads with 100% natural wool acquired from California are cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. They are renowned for the variety of appealing textiles they utilize for their dog beds.


– 100% natural wool filling that is cozy, supportive, and eco-friendly

– Durable cotton canvas cover that is machine washable and stylish

– Zipper closure that allows you to adjust the amount of filling

– Available in four sizes: small (20″ x 30″), medium/large (30″ x 40″), huge (36″ x 45″), and duvet (45″ x 69″)

– Made in the USA


– The bed is very comfortable and warm for my dog, who loves to snuggle in it

– The wool filling is breathable and does not retain moisture or odors

– The bed cover is easy to clean and has a nice design

– The bed is well-made and durable, and the zipper closure is sturdy

– The bed is reasonably priced for the quality and size


– The bed is quite heavy and bulky, so it might not be suitable for traveling or moving around

– The wool filling can be a bit lumpy or uneven at first, but it settles over time

– The bed cover can attract lint or hair, so it might need frequent washing

The Casper Dog Mattress

The Casper Dog Mattress

This dog crate bed comes in three uncluttered primary colors (gray, blue, and sand). The top of the cover resembles suede, while the edge of the material resembles canvas. Compared to other choices, the bed’s construction was straightforward despite having five foam inserts and a cover.

It was challenging to assemble other mattresses of a similar kind that the evaluated ones since you had to insert a floppy bolster through a long, tube-like body. The Casper makes it much easier to place the foam pieces in their proper locations because it is clear where to go.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Casper Dog Mattress that I have noticed:


– The bed is very comfortable and supportive for your dog’s body and joints. My dog loves to curl up and snooze on it, and he seems to sleep more soundly and peacefully.

– The bed is durable and well-made. It does not sag or lose its shape over time, and it can withstand chewing and scratching from your dog.

– The bed is easy to clean and maintain. The cover is machine-washable and dryer-safe, and it does not attract dirt or fur. You can also spot-clean the foam with a damp cloth if needed.

– The bed has a sleek and modern design that fits well with any home decor. The colors are neutral and elegant, and the bed does not look bulky or out of place.


– The bed is expensive compared to other dog beds on the market. You are paying for a premium product, but you might not see a significant difference in your dog’s sleep quality or behavior.

– The bed is heavy and bulky, especially the large size. It can be difficult to move or store the bed if you need to. It also takes up a lot of space in your room or car.

– The bed might not suit every dog’s preference or personality. Some dogs might prefer a softer or fluffier bed, or a bed that has more cushioning or walls. Some dogs might also find the bed too warm or too firm for their liking.

Chew-Proof Elevated Dog Crate Bed by Kuranda

Chew-Proof Elevated Dog Crate Bed by Kuranda

Kuranda also produces an elevated metal structure that serves as a dog cage bed resistant to chewing. It has an extended guarantee that lasts a whole year and is available in one size less than the K9 Ballistics.

With its program to distribute mattresses to shelters, Kuranda has a lot of experience using its product in challenging circumstances.


– Made of high-strength, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame

– Covered with heavy-duty 40 oz solid vinyl fabric

– Available in four sizes to fit most standard crates

– Comes with a one-year warranty

– Easy to assemble and disassemble with a hex key (included)

– Machine washable and UV resistant


– Chew-proof: The frame and fabric are both resistant to chewing, digging and scratching. My dog, a 60-pound German Shepherd mix, has not been able to damage it despite his attempts.

– Comfortable: The bed is elevated off the floor, which provides air circulation and prevents pressure points. My dog seems to enjoy sleeping on it and does not slide off.

– Easy to clean: The fabric is smooth and waterproof, which makes it easy to wipe off dirt, hair and spills. It is also machine washable and UV resistant, so it does not fade or crack over time.

– Durable: The bed is sturdy and well-made, with no sharp edges or loose parts. It can support up to 250 pounds of weight without sagging or bending.

– Versatile: The bed can be used both inside and outside the crate, as well as on the floor or on furniture. It can also be used as a stand-alone bed or with a blanket or pad on top.


– Pricey: The bed is more expensive than most other crate beds on the market, ranging from $69.95 to $109.95 depending on the size. However, it might be worth the investment if you have a heavy chewer or want a long-lasting product.

– Slippery: The fabric is smooth and slick, which might make it hard for some dogs to get on or off the bed. You might want to add some traction or cushioning to the surface if your dog has mobility issues or prefers a softer feel.

– Noisy: The bed can make some noise when the dog moves on it, especially if it is not secured to the crate or the floor. You might want to place some rubber pads or mats under the legs to reduce the sound.

MidWest Reversible Pet Bed with Paw Print

MidWest Reversible Pet Bed with Paw Print

If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable bed for your furry friend, you might want to check out the MidWest Reversible Pet Bed with Paw Print. This bed is designed to fit most standard crates and carriers, and it can also be used as a standalone bed. Here are some of the features and benefits of this pet bed:

Reversible Design

– The bed has two sides: one with a soft synthetic fur and one with a cozy flannel fabric. You can flip the bed over to suit your pet’s preference or the weather.

– The reversible design also makes the bed easy to clean and maintain. You can machine wash and tumble dry the bed without worrying about shrinking or fading.

– The bed has a cute paw print pattern on both sides, adding some style and personality to your pet’s sleeping area.

Comfortable and Supportive

– The bed is filled with polyester fiber that provides cushioning and support for your pet’s joints and muscles. The bed is ideal for pets who like to curl up or sprawl out.

– The bed has a low-profile design that makes it easy for your pet to get in and out. The bed also has stitched edges that prevent the filling from shifting or clumping.

– The bed is soft and cozy, creating a warm and inviting environment for your pet. The bed can help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote better sleep quality.

Versatile and Durable

– The bed is suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. You can choose from three different sizes: 18 x 12 inches, 22 x 13 inches, or 24 x 17 inches.

– The bed is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around or travel with. You can use the bed in your home, car, crate, or carrier.

– The bed is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The bed can withstand wear and tear, and resist stains and odors.