7 best escape free dog harness

If you have a dog that likes to pull, slip out, or escape from their harness, you know how frustrating and potentially dangerous it can be. A regular harness may not be enough to keep your furry friend secure and comfortable on walks. That’s why you need an escape free dog harness that is specially designed to prevent your dog from getting loose.

An escape free dog harness is a type of harness that has features such as a snug fit, a front clip, a martingale loop, or a double buckle to make it harder for your dog to wriggle out of it. These harnesses are also usually made of durable and comfortable materials that can withstand your dog’s pulling and chewing. In this blog post, we will review the 7 best escape free dog harness that you can buy online.

7 best escape free dog harness

Here is list of our top picks for escape free dog harness:

1. Gooby Escape-Free Easy Fit Harness
Gooby Escape-Free Easy Fit Harness

This neoprene or non-escape dog harness has a reasonably straightforward yet effective design to give your Dog the reputation of being “escape-proof.” Suppose your Dog tries to back out of the leash attachment on the rear.

The straps will compress together to prevent it. It trimmed the microsuede and was available in various vibrant colors to avoid chafing. Must take Any sizing alterations on the back due to the step-in design.

Also, a plus is that you can wash it in a machine. This escape-proof harness includes five movable straps. Three on the Dog’s chest and belly, for a custom fit. This one is available in sizes ranging from 19.7 inches around the trunk to 43.3 inches.


  1. Patent alert! This harness has a sneaky design that tightens around your dog’s chest when they pull, so no more Houdini acts! You can stroll with confidence and control, no more slip-ups!
  2. No struggle snuggles! This harness is all about easy peasy. Just step right in, clip, and you’re ready to roll! No more fussin’ with your doggo’s head or legs, it’s a cinch!
  3. Light as a feather! Soft and breathable mesh fabric that’s like a dream on your fur baby’s skin. Comfort? Check! And hey, that padded chest area is like a little pillow for the neck and spine – no pressure here!
  4. Customize like a pro! Four adjustable straps for the perfect fit, so it’s like a bespoke harness for your pup! And the colors? Tailor-made for every personality out there!


  1. Big-chested or fluff-ball alert! This harness might not be the best fit for those with a larger chest or a thick coat. It could be too tight or too hot – not cool, man! Some folks online said it caused chafing or hair loss. Yikes!
  2. Durability dilemma! Some reviewers had a harness hiccup – straps or buckles broke after a few months. A short-lived affair, it seems. You might need to replace it more often than you’d like.
  3. Strength showdown! Stubborn or strong-willed pups might still pull their escape act, even with the special design. Some clever canines managed to wiggle free, defyin’ the odds!
  4. Safety first, fur-parents! Watch out for the twists and tugs – some reported injuries and chokin’ incidents. Keep a close eye and ensure the harness fits just right!

So there you have it – the daring tale of the Escape Free dog Harness! It’s got some perks, but it’s not without its quirks. Check the fit, be mindful of the pull, and off you go for walkies! 🐶

2. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness with Escape Proof

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness with Escape Proof

This escape-proof harness includes five movable straps, three on the Dog’s chest and belly, for a custom fit. This one is suitable for medium to large dogs because it comes in sizes ranging from 19.7 inches around the trunk to 43.3 inches.

Additionally, the harness is made with lightweight and breathable mesh fabric, ensuring that your dog remains comfortable and cool even during long walks. The straps are adjustable and feature a quick-release buckle, making it easy to put on and take off.

The reflective strips on the harness provide increased visibility in low-light conditions, making it a great option for nighttime walks. With its escape-proof harness design, you can feel confident that your dog is secure while wearing this harness.


  1. Breathable bliss! Your pup will be rocking the comfort zone with this mesh and soft padding combo. No chafing or skin irritation, and the movement is free as a bird!
  2. Custom-made just for your fur baby! Four adjustable straps mean the perfect fit – chest, neck, front, back – all covered! No saggy or twisty situations, just a snug and secure hug!
  3. Clip it up, clip it down! Double the fun with two metal leash attachment points – back and chest! Casual walks or leash training, your choice! Use them both for that extra oomph!
  4. To the rescue! A sturdy and padded handle on the back – lift, assist, or swoop to the rescue! It’s the hero in disguise, without messing with the leash points!
  5. Glowing in the dark! Reflective strips for night-time visibility – safety first! No more mystery pups in low light, staying safe and sound!
  6. Colors for the win! Bright and vibrant – a perfect match for your pup’s personality! And they’ll stay that way, no fading here!


  1. Pet parent patience, please! Putting on the harness might be a bit of a challenge, especially for rookies! Slide, buckle – it’s a process, but worth the effort!
  2. Size matters! For tiny or slender pups, this harness might feel like a backpack! No extra baggage needed! Choose wisely and adjust ’til it’s just right!
  3. Chew on this! Boredom and anxiety – the nemesis of gear everywhere! Some pups might try to give this harness a nibble or a scratch. Keep them entertained and exercised to save the day!
  4. Splurge alert! This harness might cost a bit more than its peers. You’re lookin’ at $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the size and color. Quality and features come at a price!

3. Web Master Harness by Ruffwear

Web Master Harness by Ruffwear

This no-escape harness is from reputable manufacturer Ruffwear for adventurous dogs and rugged terrain. It fulfills every requirement on our list: It is made of durable polyester rip-stop. It is padded and reinforced and has five adjustable locations to keep your Dog tight.

It has an additional belly strap and two leash attachment points. An aluminum V-ring and a webbing tow loop, as well as a top handle. It comes in various sizes, with the smallest size fitting dogs with chests 13 inches.


  1. Tough as nails! This harness is built to last with durable and lightweight materials – 150 denier polyester ripstop fabric, closed-cell foam, nylon webbing, and an aluminum V-ring. It’s ready for all your adventures!
  2. Breathe easy! Your pup will stay comfy with the thin, perforated foam padding, providing support without cramping their style!
  3. Helping hand! The padded handle is like a trusty sidekick – liftin’ and assisting your doggo over obstacles or tough terrain in comfort and safety.
  4. Leash game strong! Two leash attachment points – an aluminum V-ring at the back and a webbing loop – for ultimate control and training. No escape plans here!
  5. Tailor-made! With five points of adjustment, this harness is all about the perfect fit. No slips, no chafing – just snug and secure!
  6. Night glow! Reflective trim for those low-light heroics! And hey, add The Beacon™️ light (sold separately) for extra visibility.
  7. All-in-one wonder! This harness does it all – hiking, trail running, service, working, or just everyday wear. It’s the multi-purpose superhero!


  1. Ca-ching! Prepare those pennies – it’s $69.95 USD on the official Ruffwear website. Cheaper options exist, but beware the trade-offs!
  2. Fluff overload! Some pups might find this harness a bit much, especially in the heat or with thick fur. The chest and belly hugs might not be everyone’s style!
  3. Dress rehearsal! The put-on and take-off might be a bit of a show, especially for newbies or the restless bunch. Practice makes perfect, so stay patient!
  4. Measure twice, buy once! Not all dogs fit the mold – some might be too slim or too chunky for the harness. Get that tape measure out and follow the size chart!

There you have it, adventurers! The Web Master Harness – tough, comfy, and versatile. But keep an eye on the cost and your pup’s comfort level. Measure right, get the fit tight, and let the adventures ignite! 🐾

4. top Pet Products Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness, Voyager

top Pet Products Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness, Voyager

This well-rated, step-in mesh slip-proof dog harness is the one for you if your tiny Dog is slipping harnesses because they’re uncomfortable (it’s also a superb budget selection). The mesh fabric has reinforced rounded edges to prevent chafing and is incredibly soft and breathable.

All adjustments are made on the top, first with the Velcro fastening and then strengthened with the quick-release clasp. It fits your pet snuggly, according to some reviews.


  1. No more head battles! The step-in style is a breeze for pups who hate having things over their heads. Slip those front legs in, fasten the fuzzy strap and snap the buckle – easy peasy!
  2. Safety first! Three layers of security for that snug and secure fit – adjust with the fuzzy strap in the back, snap the buckle, and attach your leash to the sturdy D-rings. No wiggle room for escaping adventures!
  3. Shine bright, little star! Reflective bands on the sides for visibility during those early morning or late-night strolls. Keeping accidents at bay and your furry buddy safe in low-light times!
  4. Breathe easy! High-quality fabric that’s light and tough – perfect for breezy days! The mesh material keeps air flowing and wicks away moisture to prevent chafin’ and irritations.
  5. Size matters! From XS to XL, this harness is a matchmaker for every pooch out there. And hey, pick your pup’s style with a range of colors – baby blue, black, pink, red, turquoise, and more!


  1. Measure twice, order once! Some customers say it runs small or large, so don’t skimp on the tape measure. Check the size chart or holler at customer service for a perfect match!
  2. Stickiness struggles! The fuzzy strap might lose its mojo over time or get fur-stuck, makin’ it hard to secure the harness. Keep it clean or replace it when needed!
  3. Pullin’ pals beware! Heavy pullers or those with mighty chest muscles might stretch or break this harness. Look for a more durable or padded option if your pup is a tug-of-war champ!

There you have it, fur-parents! The step-in wonder – easy, secure, and stylish! Measure like a pro, keep the strap snappy, and let the strolling adventure take flight! 🐶

5. Soft flannel dog vest with padding from Dog

Soft flannel dog vest with padding from Dog

Your Dog may be attempting to remove its harness primarily due to discomfort at times. The dog goes above and above by adding channeled padding wider than the dog escaping harness straps. It is sticking with a single buckle design. In contrast, many of the choices on the list include some cushioning and soft edges.

They appreciate the two welded leash attachment choices, including a front no-pull D-ring, and the extra-thick strapping that helps disperse pressure. The odd strap structure of this escape-proof harness.


  1. Cozy cuddles! This vest is like a fluffy hug, keeping your dog warm and snug in chilly weather.
  2. Support squad! The padding adds that extra cushion and protection, perfect for pups with joint issues or injuries.
  3. No fussing around! Zipper closure and leash hole for easy dress-up and undress – no buttons or snaps to snag that precious fur!
  4. Built to last! Durable and washable – this vest’s in it for the long haul, staying fresh and clean for many adventures to come.
  5. Budget-friendly style! Affordable and a rainbow of colors and sizes to suit your dog’s unique charm and taste.


  1. Heatwave alert! Some pups might find it a bit toasty or bulky, especially in hot climates or with a thick coat. Check the temps and their comfort level before zipping up!
  2. Size matters! Not all pups fit the same mold – some might need a bit of tailoring. Measure right and match the chart for that perfect fit!
  3. Context counts! This vest might not be suited for certain activities or places like swimming, hiking, or hunting. Choose wisely based on the purpose and setting!
  4. Allergic alarm! Sensitive skin or allergies might react to the material. Check the label before your dog dons the vest!

There you have it, fur-friends! The cozy vest – warm, supportive, and ready for adventures! Watch the temperature, measure with care, and let your pup’s personality shine with style! 🐾

6. The Sleepypod Martingale is the best harness for Martingale escapes

The Sleepypod Martingale is the best harness for Martingale escapes

Reviewers adore this escape-proof harness with a distinctive design and a martingale loop at the back. particularly those on Rover. As your pet tugs, the harness tightens, fitting snugly around them.

With a wide fabric strap across the belly and a chest loop that sits considerably higher than many other harnesses. The mesh fabric is solid yet breathable. Allowing for more flexibility of movement and removing any possibility of interference at the front legs.

The Harness Lead

The Harness lead are an all-in-one leash and anti-slip dog escape-proof harness system that keeps your Dog firmly tied to you during walks and is escape-resistant.

It is a safety escape-proof small dog harness that will stop the majority of escape-proof dog collars. Since it will become tighter as your dog tugs on it. Additionally, it will assist in lessening your Dog’s propensity to pull.

7. Free Sport Harness for Gooby

Free Sport Harness for Gooby

The Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness is available in sizes suitable for small dogs. Unlike most harnesses listed above, with medium and large dogs in mind.

This harness will let your four-footer may strut his stuff safely, even if he decides to test out the technology for himself. It has a low-profile design that should discourage backing-out behavior and a neoprene padded chest piece for added comfort.

Additionally, the reflective strips increase visibility during walks, especially in low light conditions.


  1. No choking worries! Unlike collars, this harness evenly distributes force, preventing choking, coughing, or trachea damage. Perfect for leash-pulling Goobies!
  2. Master control! With front and back leash attachment points, you steer your Gooby in the right direction while staying stable. Use both clips for security or training. And a handy handle for emergency liftin’!
  3. Comfy fit! Snug but not too tight, thanks to four adjustment points. Soft padding on chest and back for no rubbing or chafin’.
  4. Hassle-free! Easy buckle system – slip over the head, buckle around the chest, and adjust. No Velcro or tangled fur struggles!
  5. Pawsitively stylish! A range of colors and patterns for that personalized Gooby fashion. Durable nylon to handle all the adventures!


  1. Size matters! It’s designed for medium to large Goobies, with chest girth of 16 to 32 inches. Smaller or larger Goobies might find it tricky to get the perfect fit. Measure right and be cautious with the sizing chart!
  2. Pullin’ power! It claims to reduce pulling, but some Goobies still go gung-ho on the leash, especially when somethin’ exciting’s around. For strong prey drives or untrained Goobies, other methods or tools might be needed.
  3. Temperature check! The thick padding offers comfort and protection, but some Goobies might feel too hot or sweaty in warm weather. Smaller or slender Goobies might also find it too bulky or heavy.

There you have it, Gooby guardians! The Free Sport Harness – stylish, comfy, and control-friendly! Check the size, training game, and weather conditions for a happy and wagging Gooby! 🐾